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About Us

We have a long history of innovation and service.

We're in business to provide our customers with fast, friendly and efficient service! Your success is our success.

Our Vision

The Pequea Planter business shall be based on biblical principles for the welfare of employees, owners and customers. 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide quality service and products to improve the performace and profitability of our customers.

From Our Founder

"If our sales and services are not beneficial to the customer, neither are they good for Pequea Planter."

Our History

In 1977, we built first corn planter, for our own use.

2 row horse drawn, lever lift, long tongue, using used JD 1240 row units.

We built our second planter in 1978.

2 row horse drawn, lever lift, long tongue, using new JD 80 row units. 1979

We sold 5 planters, 2 row horse drawn, lever lift, long tongue, JD 80 row units. Coverted the planter to trailer type, MaxEmerge row units.

In 1980, we sold 9 planters, mixture of JD 1240, 80, MaxEmerge (7000) row units.


We now sell 100 to 150 planters per year.

In the late 70s & 80s we converted hunderds of old horse drawn planters to plateless, using JD 7000 meters.

In the early 80s we started building 2 row 3-point & pull type planters, using only 7000 row units.

Since 2013 we build complete new 4 & 6 row planters (PLANT MASTER) using our own frame & Shoup MFG. row units, similar to JD MaxEmerge Plus row units.

A big part of our business is designing & fabricating parts & attachments to convert and update older 7000 & 7200 planters, such as: no-till coulters, row cleaners, row markers, wheel frames, drive systems, & more.

We either fabricate or buy parts from other after market companies.

We also custom build planters for specialty needs such as: 15", 20", 24", & 28" rows. splitter planters for beans, folding planters, etc.

Either new or used, we customize each planter to match customer needs.
Thanks for your business!


Pequea Planter LLC.

Daniel Stoltzfus

Gideon Stoltzfus

Omar Stoltzfus

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