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John Deere 7000 Conservation (ID 151)

John Deere 7000 Conservation (ID 151)

ID: 151

Brand: John Deere

Model: 7000 Conservation

Hitch: Pull Type

Rows: 6

Row Spacing: 30"

Condition: Rebuilt, Repainted

Pickup Type: Precision Finger Meter

Fertilizer Attachment: Liquid Fertilizer to Dual Dribble, 3 70-gallon tank

Insecticide Attachment: None

Monitor: Regular monitor with lights

Row Markers: HD, 7200 Style

Tillage: No-Till


Additional Attachments:

  • Frame-mounted coulters
  • Double down-pressure springs
  • RID depth tire
  • Walking gauge wheel
  • Seed firmer
  • Update closing arm
  • POSI closing wheel
  • Contact drive wheel


Additional Info:

  • New seed opener disks
  • New Transport tires


To learn more or purchase, call us at 717-442-4406


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